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We want the best for our patients.

Modern dentistry in Lansing, IL constantly evolves to include better technology and updated treatment techniques. At Pallotto Dental Care, we stay on top of the latest developments in dentistry to continually improve the care we provide for our patients.

Technology can make treatment more comfortable, affordable, and efficient. We never allow technology to replace the personalized care we provide because developing a deep connection with our long-term patients is our favorite part of what we do.

Here are some of the ways we use technology to stay on the leading edge of dentistry.

3-D Cone Beam Imaging lansing il

3-D Cone Beam Imaging

3-D imaging is an invaluable tool when planning placement of dental implants. Using a 3-D image, our dentists can choose the ideal location for implants that will provide the greatest stability and best outcome. Additionally, 3-D cone beam technology identifies sinuses and other teeth accurately, so we can plan treatment from start to finish before we even begin.

We also use 3-D imaging to make dental extractions more comfortable and efficient with fewer complications.

Televisions in Patient Rooms

Providing an exceptional patient experience from start to finish is important to our team.

We want patients to relax and enjoy their time with us so that they actually look forward to their dental appointments. It is a chance to completely relax while we take care of everything.

Our patients sometimes appreciate distraction from treatment, especially when facing a longer appointment. We offer our patients the opportunity to enjoy a movie or their favorite television show on our patient room televisions while we complete their treatment.

VELscope Oral Cancer Detection

As with all types of cancer, early diagnosis of oral cancer dramatically improves patient prognosis. VELscope uses fluorescence to highlight any suspicious lesions or pre-cancerous cells developing on gum tissue, the tongue, cheek tissue, or the palate. This early detection device can save lives when it's in the hands of a skilled dental professional. Dentists are often the first to identify suspicious lesions and play a vital role in oral cancer detection.

Oral cancer screenings are part of the comprehensive care we provide at Pallotto Dental Care.

Panoramic X-Rays lansing il

Panoramic X-Rays

Each x-ray we take serves a valuable purpose – to provide us with diagnostic information about our patients' oral health.

A panoramic x-ray takes a picture of our patients' full smiles, including teeth, bone, sinuses, and jaw joints. This type of comprehensive image is valuable when dentists need to place dental implants, plan extractions, or diagnose bone conditions or cysts.

When taking a panoramic x-ray, our digital machine will move completely around the head, capturing data as it goes. The whole process takes only about 30 to 45 seconds.

Intraoral Cameras

Until recently, it was up to the dentist to explain dental treatments to patients, but this sometimes poses a problem because patients could not envision the condition or its severity. With intraoral cameras, we can show patients exactly what we see, giving them a better understanding of their oral health.

Intraoral cameras are small handheld digital cameras that take accurate images of individual teeth, lesions, or even an area of the mouth. We can immediately bring up those images on our in-room monitors to share with patients, giving them a greater understanding of how to proceed when deciding on treatment.

Electric Handpieces

Patients often express that one of their least favorite things about a visit to the dental office is the sounds of the instruments.

We use electric handpieces, which are much quieter and produce fewer vibrations. Electric handpieces also have lights for greater accuracy. This results in a better overall patient experience.

Digital X-Rays and Sensors

Patient safety is extremely important to us. By using digital x-rays and sensors to capture dental images, we reduce radiation exposure by up to 80 percent over the old film-style x-rays.

Not only that, digital imaging is extremely convenient. With the click of a mouse, we can compare images over time, transfer them to a specialist's office, or send them to insurance companies, when requested.

Digital x-rays produce high-resolution images that allow our dentists to zoom in, change the contrast, and even improve exposure – all within our dental software.

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