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How can I get whiter teeth?

Teeth Whitening | Lansing IL

You can achieve whiter teeth in Lansing, IL!

One of the most effective ways to achieve whiter teeth, including the elimination of yellow and brown stains, is through professional teeth cleaning in Lansing, IL.

In our dental office, we take an impression of our mouth and use the print to create a custom bleaching tray just for you.  Professional teeth whitening in Lansing, IL is superior to store-bought options because it allows for more even bleaching and helps keep gels and bleaching pastes away from your gums.

Whiten Your Teeth At Home

You take your bleaching tray and prescription-strength gel home to whiten your teeth on your own time. A member of our team provides instructions, including how often to whiten and for how long. You can whiten while you catch up on your favorite television show or while reading a good book.

Once you have whitened your teeth with one of our systems, you will want to keep them white. Because you have your tray and gel at home, you can do touchups whenever you like!

Our Lansing, IL dentist does not recommend over-the-counter whitening systems because the chemicals can be abrasive, harmful to enamel, and cause tooth sensitivity. When whitening your teeth for a big event, it is always better to do so under the supervision of your Lansing, IL dentist.

Schedule Teeth Whitening in Lansing, IL

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