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My dentures fall out sometimes. Can you help?

older woman | dentures lansing ilThis is a common problem when creating dentures because dentures rely on mouth anatomy to stay in place. The upper palate creates suction, holding the top denture in place. This means that it is often easier to create a good fit for upper dentures than for bottom dentures, which rely on the bony ridge to remain in place.

With tooth loss, the bony ridge and jawbone may begin to deteriorate in a process called resorption. As the bone deteriorates, it can cause dentures to loosen and even make it impossible to achieve a good fit. Pastes and gels are not a good long-term solution for denture wearers.

Solution To Loose Fitting Dentures

At Pallotto Dental Care, we offer a solution that combines the affordability of dentures with the stability of dental implants. By placing several (usually four) dental implants on the upper or lower arch, dentures can “lock-in.” This makes it possible for patients to eat a wider variety of foods, laugh confidently, and enjoy greater comfort and stability.

Implant-retained dentures give patients a new lease on life and allow patients to worry less about embarrassing situations that may occur with ill-fitting dentures.

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