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What are dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, you have likely heard of standard tooth-replacement options like dentures or bridges. However, these types of restorations can slip or wear down over time. Unlike dentures or bridgework, dental implants are a more permanent solution.

How Dental Implants Work 

The dentist places the implant post into the jawbone. Because the jawbone naturally grows around the implant post, it may take months to integrate completely.

In the meantime, the dentist provides a temporary tooth replacement, so you can eat and speak comfortably. 

When the jaw and gums have completely healed, the dentist attaches the final prosthetic tooth to the post, thus completing your smile.

The Benefits of Dental Implants 

Many people with tooth loss appreciate the benefits of dental implants. 

Dental implants:

  • Restore chewing ability 
  • Reenergize one’s appearance
  • Support facial muscles 
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Promotes good oral health 
  • Stabilizes one’s bite

Dental Implants in NW Indiana 

With dental implants, you never have to worry about a prosthetic slipping or shifting in the mouth. Your new and improved smile will look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. 

Not only do patients feel more confident with a complete set of beautiful teeth, but their oral health often improves as well.

Contact our dental office today to learn more about dental implants or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Josephine Pallotto. 

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