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Are dental implants painful?

People often worry that dental implants may be painful, but they are not. Dental implants are a permanent tooth-replacement option many patients appreciate for their stability, enhanced function, and reliability.

Though patients may experience a natural soreness after the procedure, dental implants are not painful or uncomfortable.

You Deserve a Comfortable, Pain-Free Smile

Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance to our team at Pallotto Dental Care. Before every treatment, including dental implant procedures, we make sure you are completely relaxed and comfortable.

Using local anesthesia, we carefully numb the nerves where we will place the dental implant. This ensures that you do not experience any pain during the procedure. It’s common for patients to feel slight pressure at times, but this typically does not cause any discomfort. 

During the healing process, you may experience some soreness, which is to be expected. However, your dentist can offer suggestions for managing it, such as medications or a cold compress.

Contact Us about Permanent Tooth-Replacements

Are you in need of dental implant treatment in NW Indiana? If so, please contact our dental office today. Dr. Josephine Pallotto is a dental implant expert who can help you restore your smile’s function and appearance. 

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