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How Preventive Dentistry Supports Teeth and Gum Health

December 19, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Josephine Chang Pallotto, DDS
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Did you know that many dental conditions are preventable? However, you may not be aware of decay or disease in your mouth until you have pain or sensitivity. By then, the problem may have already progressed and need treatment. Home dental care combined with in-office preventative dentistry in Lansing, IL, can help you avoid or even reverse cavities, gum disease, and other painful, progressive conditions.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

It may seem like your teeth and gums need only brushing and flossing to stay in good health. After all, if you don’t feel pain, everything must be fine, right? But your tooth structures have layers you can’t see, and hidden decay and infection can put them at risk without you even knowing.

Regular visits to your dentist are the heart of preventive dentistry, catching problems before they start. During your six-month check-ups, your dentist or hygienist can do the following:

  • Remove tartar and plaque close the gums and between teeth, where you may have unknowingly left particles of food
  • Take x-rays and oral exams to look for signs of periodontal or tooth decay, fractures, or disease
  • Treat tiny tooth fractures or chips in teeth before they cause discoloration
  • Give advice on how to take your home care up a notch

Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry supplements and supports your home dental care with these benefits:

  • Studies show a connection between heart disease and gum disease, but regular cleanings and exams can help protect your overall health long term. 
  • When caught early, gum disease is reversible (but you may not be able to detect gum disease on your own).
  • You can avoid cavities with regular exams, saving money and time spent on treating the problems cavities cause.

The dentists at Pallotto Dental Care provide high-quality, caring preventive dentistry in Lansing, IL. Call us today to schedule a cleaning or check-up.

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