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Prevent Cavities While You Can't See Our Lansing Dentist

April 30, 2020
Posted By: Pallotto Dental Care
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Brush and Floss Your Teeth Daily

The building blocks to good oral health is maintaining a strict routine of brushing and flossing every day. Now is the perfect time to invest in an electric toothbrush; they countdown the two minutes and make cleaning your teeth a breeze. By brushing your teeth at least twice a day, you remove the sticky plaque that builds up over time. If left untreated, the plaque can start eating away at your enamel and create cavities. 

If you can't see your dentist, it's essential to establish an oral hygiene routine to help prevent cavities from forming. Brushing with a high fluoride toothpaste can stop cavities from forming through its antimicrobial properties. Rinsing with non-alcoholic mouthwash can prevent gum inflammation (gingivitis).

Don't forget to floss, either. Flossing gets rid of sticky bacteria and food particles that like to hide between your teeth. 

Your Diet and Lifestyle Matter

If you have been considering quitting smoking—now is the perfect time! Without external triggers like traffic or going to bars, the urge to smoke might have taken a backseat. Many Lansing patients are taking advantage of more time to themselves to focus on improving their health. Smoking not only increases your risk of gum disease, but it can also paint your teeth a dull, unattractive yellow. 

It's easy to start snacking frequently, but take care to avoid highly processed and sugary treats. When sugar combines with bacteria in your mouth, it creates an acid that can start to erode your beautiful enamel. Over time, this can become a dental emergency that could have been avoided.

Drinking plenty of water and eating crunchy vegetables and fruits like apples and celery not only benefits our bodies, they also polish and scrub our teeth and wash away harmful debris. 

Call Our Lansing, IL Office If You Have a Dental Emergency

By being mindful of your oral hygiene and developing a healthy routine, you can sidestep many common dental emergencies. However, even diligent brushing and flossing cannot entirely eliminate all the plaque build-up, and dental emergencies can still happen. If you think you are experiencing a painful or unusual dental issue, please do not hesitate to call Pallotto Dental Care.

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