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Myths About Root Canals

December 4, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Hammad Khan
root canal therapy lansing il

Have you ever heard someone tell a story about a root canal? Many people fear root canals, and that may be due in part to what they’ve heard rather than their own experiences. Dentists who perform root canals in Lansing, IL, know that patients’ fears about root canals are often based on misconceptions.

When a tooth’s inner pulp is infected, damaged, or dead, it can lead to tooth and gum pain, sensitivity, and even loss of the tooth. Root canal therapy involves cleaning out the inner pulp of the tooth, sealing it, and restoring the tooth so that it is fully functional again.

It’s time to bust some common root canal myths so you can go into the procedure feeling informed and confident.

Myth #1: A Root Canal Is Painful

Fact: If you have a painful tooth, a root canal will give you relief. After having a root canal, you may even agree that it’s no more painful than having a filling. Your dentist will numb the entire area thoroughly with local anesthesia before starting. Over-the-counter pain relievers should help with any tenderness at home, along with avoiding chewing on the tooth until you receive your permanent crown.

Myth #2: A Root Canal Is a Long Process

Fact: Root canal therapy takes about 90 minutes, but the follow-up appointment for your permanent crown should be shorter than that. After your root canal, your dentist will use a solution to help kill bacteria and place a temporary crown or filling in the tooth until you come back for your permanent crown.

Myth #3: Extracting a Tooth Is Preferable to a Root Canal

Fact: If at all possible, a root canal is highly preferable to extracting a tooth, which can involve more invasive and costly steps.

If you’re experiencing pain or are worried about your teeth or gums, call our office to learn more about root canals in Lansing, IL. We’ll help you create a treatment plan that fits your needs.

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