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How to Know When Dentures Are the Right Tooth Replacement Solution for You

June 26, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Anthony Pallotto, DDS
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There’s a reason why dentures are such a popular option for replacing missing teeth; they work well for many people and are easily adapted to the unique needs of each individual.

If you don't have a positive reaction to the idea of dentures, it’s probably because you don’t realize how advances in dentistry – from improved methods to state-of-the-art technology and materials – have improved virtually everything about them.

Improved Appearance

Decades ago, the primary purpose of dentures was function not esthetics, and their fake appearance was primarily due to the limited availability of materials.

Today’s dentures are made with updated materials that can be customized to enhance your appearance, from the gum color of the base of the denture to the natural shape, shade, and positioning of each tooth.

Improved Fit

The limited selection of materials made dentures of the past heavy and rigid. Because of this, they did not conform well to the contours of the jaw causing irritation and discomfort.

Today’s dentures are made using lighter pliable materials that conform closely to the contours of your jaw, making them more comfortable and less likely to shift and move.

Improved Retention

Denture-wearers the world over will tell you that one of the major drawbacks has always been their instability and tendency to move unexpectedly, causing discomfort and embarrassment.

Since dentures today are customized for your smile, they do a better job of staying in place. But you also have the option of adding one or more dental implants to stabilize them and prevent any movement whatsoever.

Please Call for Your Dentures Consultation

The team at Pallotto Dental Care wants you to know that dentures designed in our Lansing, IL dental office can transform your life. Whether you’re interested in a partial denture to replace a few missing teeth or a full set to replace most or all of your teeth, our doctors are here to provide the guidance you need.

Please call our office to arrange an obligation-free dentures consultation!

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