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  • Love and compassion is what I can best describe the Pallotto Dental Care team. The doctors are outstanding relieving sufferings, kindness, and very dedicated to their patients. The hygienist and dental assistants are good Christian people and I am grateful for their expertise in keeping my gums and teeth healthy.
    - Rita O.
  • I am extremely pleased with the dental care at this office. I've recommended several friends and family members and they too have been very satisfied. I will continue to receive my dental care with them as long as I am able to do so.
    - Janie H.
  • I've always felt at ease, no matter who I see. I am recognized from the reception desk to the dental technician, to all the dentists, and finally, to the billing services support person. Everyone has my satisfaction and comfort as a priority. It has been a pleasure to have my teeth tended so tenderly!
    - Joan S.


How to Know When Dentures Are the Right Tooth Replacement Solution for You

There’s a reason why dentures are such a popular option for replacing missing teeth; they work well for many people and are easily adapted to the unique needs of each individual.If you don't have a positive reaction to the idea of dentures, it’s probably because you don’t realize how advances in dentistry – from improved methods to state-of-the-art technology and materials – have improved virtually everything about them.Improved AppearanceDecades ago, the primary purpose of dentures was function not esthetics, and their fake appearance was primarily due to the limited availability of materials.Today’s dentures are made with updated materials that can be customized to enhance your appearance, from the gum color ...

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What to Look for in a Lansing Dentist

Girl at Dentist | Lansing IL
If you are new to the area or unhappy with your current dentist in Lansing, IL, it is a good idea to establish yourself and your family in a dental practice you can trust. By planning ahead, you will be able to book your routine dental appointments or get the care you need when you have a dental emergency.Choosing a dentist means you are making an important choice for your health. Here are a few points to consider.Is the Dentist Experienced?Choosing a dentist with experience in all aspects of general dentistry means care you can count on. At Pallotto Dental Care, we are an established practice with seasoned dentists who ...

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Oral Cancer Screening

Pallotto Dental Care will be teaming up with WGN radio this May in an effort to spread awareness about Oral Cancer Screenings!Starting Wednesday, May 9th, WGN radio will begin this 10-week campaign to increase awareness regarding the need for a more thorough oral health examination. Pallotto Dental Care will be one of only a few dental offices who will be participating in this campaign as an office that provides Velscope Oral Cancer Screenings.Please call us today for more information on getting screened or visit can also text SCOPE to 41411 and it provides a link with more information!

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Why are Dental Implants Considered the "Gold Standard"

Smiling Couple | Dental Implants Lansing IL
You may have heard the term "gold standard" used when describing tooth replacement options. The dictionary defines it as the best or most reliable thing of its type, which is certainly true in the case of dental implants.How Do Dental Implants Work?Before we talk about why implants are so effective, it helps to understand the basics of what they do. Dental implants are the only solution for missing teeth that replace the entire tooth structure, including the root. A titanium post is placed surgically in your jaw and allowed to heal and integrate with surrounding bone and tissue. After healing, a restoration like a crown, bridge, or dentures will ...

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Dr. Chang Pallotto is a guest blogger for the ADA New Dentist Blog, check it out!

Dr. Chang Pollotto | Lansing IL Dentist
Since her speaking debut at the ADA Annual Meeting Opening Session back in October, Dr. Chang Pallotto has been asked to be a guest blogger for the ADA New Dentist Blog! She has been asked to share her experience as a figure in the community serving as an Oral Cancer Walk Coordinator for the Oral Cancer Foundation.Following this initial blog, Dr. Chang Pallotto has been requested to be featured as a repeat guest blogger, so keep a lookout for more fun insight from Dr. Chang Pallotto!Check it out!

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Don't Lose Your Benefits!

As the end of the year approaches, make sure you take advantage of all of your year-end benefits. Many insurance plans reset on January 1, and flexible spending account balances don’t roll over from year to year. Contact us today to book your appointment and remember that appointments fill early, especially evenings and Saturdays. Don’t leave any benefits on the table! Let us help you start off the New Year with a healthy smile!

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