Dentures in Lansing, IL

We realize that missing teeth can negatively impact our patients’ day-to-day lives by making it more difficult to eat, speak, and smile. While many dental offices create dentures, our dentists take the extra time to make sure that our patients enjoy great results. Our dentures in Lansing, IL are made of quality materials and customized for your mouth. 

Ill-fitting dentures create sores and can move around when eating or speaking, creating an embarrassing situation. Fortunately, dentures today allow patients to enjoy greater comfort and improved function compared with dentures of the past.

Custom Complete Dentures

Facing dental extractions raises many questions. Our Lansing, IL dentists are here to help!

For patients with parents or grandparents with dentures, images of big, square teeth in a glass of water by the bedside table might conjure the wrong image. Today’s dentures are highly aesthetic, natural-looking, and more comfortable.

In most cases, complete dentures in Lansing, IL consist of artificial denture teeth in a gum-colored resin base. When opting for complete dentures, patients have an opportunity to provide input on the shade of teeth they prefer.

Dr. Josephine Pallotto, Dr. Nicholas Pallotto, and Dr. Anthony Pallotto take great care to ensure that dentures function well with the anatomy of the patient’s mouth and their bite. We also make sure that they love the way they look!

Caring for Your Denture

Heat and dryness are the enemies of complete dentures. Avoid hot water for cleaning, never leave a denture in a car, and always use a cleanser designed specifically for dentures to increase their longevity.

Even patients with complete dentures need a regular dental exam. Our dentists in Lansing, IL will make any necessary adjustments, take an x-ray to monitor bone levels, and perform an oral cancer screening.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If a patient suffers from bone loss that makes it difficult for dentures to fit snugly, we can help. Pallotto Dental Care offers implant-retained dentures in Lansing, IL for greater security and confidence.

By placing a few dental implants (usually 2 to 4), dentures will lock in place until released by the patient for cleaning or adjustments. Dental implants have the added benefit of reducing bone loss.

Aesthetic Partial Dentures

When a patient has remaining natural teeth, a partial denture in Lansing will complete their chewing surface and their smile. When designing a partial denture, our Lansing, IL dentists take great care to match the appliance to existing natural teeth for aesthetic results.

Natural teeth anchor partial dentures in place with metal clips. Because of the force caused when chewing, partial dentures may require an occasional adjustment to keep them feeling great.

Partial dentures have several base options – pink resin, metal, and even flexible materials. Each has its benefits, and our dentists will discuss the pros and cons.

Are You Facing Dental Extractions?

Our compassionate and skilled Lansing, IL dentists are here to answer questions and discuss the many tooth-replacement options available at Pallotto Dental Care. We welcome patients from the Southern Suburbs of Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Lansing, Illinois.