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Patient Testimonials
  • Love and compassion is what I can best describe the Pallotto Dental Care team. The doctors are outstanding relieving sufferings, kindness, and very dedicated to their patients. The hygienist and dental assistants are good Christian people and I am grateful for their expertise in keeping my gums and teeth healthy.
    - Rita O.
  • I am extremely pleased with the dental care at this office. I've recommended several friends and family members and they too have been very satisfied. I will continue to receive my dental care with them as long as I am able to do so.
    - Janie H.
  • I've always felt at ease, no matter who I see. I am recognized from the reception desk to the dental technician, to all the dentists, and finally, to the billing services support person. Everyone has my satisfaction and comfort as a priority. It has been a pleasure to have my teeth tended so tenderly!
    - Joan S.

Emergency Dentistry in Lansing, IL

dental emergency lansing ilIt seems like dental emergencies happen at the most inconvenient times. Often patients report that they had mild symptoms for a few days before they dramatically worsened and began causing pain.

It is important to note that dental pain rarely resolves on its own. Pain is the body’s way of letting us know that something is wrong. Calling us right away, at the first sign of a change in oral health, allows us to provide fast and effective treatment.

Our dentists are gentle, compassionate, and explain all the available treatment options so that our patients can make an educated choice when it comes to their smiles.

Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies vary widely. Some of the most common dental emergencies we treat in our Lansing, IL dental office include:

  • Infection
  • Broken or lost teeth
  • Pain
  • Sensitivity
  • Lost or damaged fillings, crowns, or bridges
  • Denture sores
  • Damaged dentures

Contacting us at the first sign of trouble gives us the opportunity to schedule an emergency exam to determine the cause and provide effective treatment.

For patients experiencing an auto accident or excessive bleeding, a trip to the emergency room is in order. Ruling out any serious head or neck injuries first is essential. 

dental emergency lansing ilDental Emergency Appointments

Our helpful team will ask a series of questions to better prepare for the emergency visit: 

Where is the problem?

When did it start?

Was an accident involved?

Has this occurred before?

Upon arrival, we will likely begin with a periapical x-ray of one or more teeth. This allows our dentists a view of the entire tooth from crown to root tip. If a crack or infection exists, we can often detect it with an x-ray. In some cases, additional testing will provide the information we need for an accurate diagnosis.

Our main concern at your emergency appointment will be to relieve pain and stabilize the tooth. We may be able to provide same-day treatment, or we can schedule you for the next available appointment to complete treatment.

Convenient Emergency Options 

Because we know that dental emergencies cannot wait, we have convenient evening and weekend hours to accommodate our busy patients. Even if you are not currently a patient in our office, we always strive to treat emergencies quickly in order to reduce disruptions when it comes to work, school, and sleep.

We also offer expanded services such as root canal therapy and dental extractions should they become necessary, often without the need for a referral to a specialist.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Contact Pallotto Dental Care right away and enjoy improved oral health quickly from dentists who have dedicated their lives to improving the health of our neighbors in the Southern Suburbs of Chicago, Northwest Indiana, and Lansing, IL communities with high-quality dentistry.